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Ok today I decided to play along! Here are the stated questions to be answered! Click the above button to join in!

1. What is your favorite pasta dish? 
I love pasta and my most favorite dish is from Macaroni Grill - Chicken Scaloppine.  It is a thin, sauteed chicken breast with artichokes, mushrooms, aged prosciutto, lemon butter with capellini pasta.  I've tried making it at home but it never taste the same. 

My 2nd favorite dish is Fettuccine Alfredo! Ok so the question wasn't to list two but I'm a rebel.  I'm listing this one so that I can share the recipe!  Here is for the recipe. 
2. What is the last thing you do before going to bed? If he is in bed, I say good night to my husband of 17 years.  

3. How many nights a week do you go out to eat? Some times we eat on on Sunday after church.  We eat with our church family.  It is known as our "second service."  Who ever drives the teens to their Tuesday evening classes has to eat out.  It is usually my husband. 

4. Are you an avid book reader? ummm YES.  More like obsessed book reader. Check my blog for my book reviews and giveaways!  Since you are here reading this, if you enter any of my book giveaways (right side bar) you can claim "meet me on monday" 5 bonus entries.  I have a few to add today so check back later.  You can claim this on all my book giveaways. 
5. Would you rather have x-ray vision or bionic hearing? I'd rather have the x-ray vision.  WHy? I'd love to see into the minds of the great chefs, authors and artist! 

With this post I'm also joining in on 


I picked We love Great Mexican Food blog to feature.  I'm waiting for her to get back to me with a post.  I'm going to feature her as Guest Chef.  I don't know her but do know we love Mexican Food so that is our connection.  Thanks for the challenge!

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  1. That pasta dish looks amazing! I love anything with chicken :)

    will have to check out your book give aways - can never have too many books!


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