The Buzz on High Fructose Corn Syrup

About a year a go I heard a buzz around the internet that high fructose corn syrup is hidden in many of our every day food products.  I really started looking on the packages coming in my home and the buzz was correct!  From everyday foods like bread and "fruit" juice to occasional treats like, candy "corn" and "fruit" snacks.   I think it is funny that a product like candy "corn" actually has corn in it, namely corn sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS),etc  

As this buzz was circulating I saw that companies were taking notice and started removing "HFCS" from their products and slapping it on their labels and getting their PR firms to push their "HFCS" free products.  By this time, quite a few parents had already started limiting these type of products from their home.  So the no HFCS products came into stores, we were buying them but in reality sugar is sugar. Did you fall into the market trap of "no HFCS?" 

I just recently attended a "webinar", internet seminar, presented by the Corn Refiners Association and hosted by Resourceful Mommy Media.  All the attendees got to ask questions to the panel and they answered.   The bottom lined I learned from them about HFCS is that it is just another way to sweeten your food.  If corn syrup or corn sugar isn't used you can bet that another sugar is in its place.  They said that HFCS isn't any more addicting than any other sugar and has the same effect on obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 

What are your thoughts on this?? Someone said "fresh food is better" yet someone else pointed out "fruit and veggies have sugar, too!"

“The information shared from the webinar was provided by the Corn Refiners Association.  I have been compensated for writing this blog post.  All opinions are my own tasty words. Check out their link for more information.” Thanks to Resourceful Mommy Media for hosting the event.
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  1. So what my doctor, a real MD kinda doctor, told me was that in people who have or are prone to lots of systemic inflammation that HFCS is more inflammation causing than other sugars such as those that naturally occur in fruit, or even honey. But he also cautioned me that sugar in all 'treat' forms should be severely limited and that just switching from HFCS to sugar of another kind, without reducing actual intake did no one any good. Imo the problem with HFCS, much like other things isn't so much the thing itself but the using it in overabundance and not in moderation as it should be.

  2. The importnat number to look at is not the amount of "sugar" in a food, but, the number of carbs that food contains because at the end of the day sugar is carbs and carbs are sugar. If you look at any medical book they will give you an ave number of carbs which is somewhere around 15 to 17 per day.

  3. High fructose corn syrup is very bad for you....

    You should read some articles about it

    Theres a bunch more here

    This is a private news site but VERY informative and has some great legit recources too.

  4. For me the real problem is that it is so pervasive - even things that no way no how don't need to have added sugar have the HFCS added. It's the sum total at the end of the day that is making this a real issue.

    I feel like such an old geezer to say it but it's true - things were so vastly different when I was a kid (60s and 70s).... we loved sugary treats and snacks and sodas - but they were in much smaller quantities and we got them much less often. And that was in the ridiculous TV dinner era too - it wasn't that we were eating healthier on purpose (my mom hated to cook and never met a convenience food she didn't like.) It was just that the additive industry hadn't caught on to how much more processed they could take things without public protest.

  5. I pretty much agree with the comments here so far. HFCS is in everything {prob. #1}, but it's a highly refined product and the more refined something is the harder our bodies have knowing what to do with it. While all sugars should def be reduced in our diet, raw sugar in moderation is a better choice. Just as brown rice is better than white. Part of the key to that is, that like fresh fruit, the unrefined/less refined products still contain some fiber. Fiber is one of the keys that our body utilizes in order to process the sugar in our system. So fresh fruit is the perfect "sugary" snack as it contains the other elements {fiber/enzymes} that allow our bods to use it effectively.
    HFCS contains no such keys and should be avoided period.


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