The Paranoid Parents Guide

The Paranoid Parents Guide: Worry Less, Parent Better, and Raise a Resilient Child
Have you ever started reading a book and had said book stir up worry and fear and make you paranoid? I laugh because I've had that happen with mystery and true crime books.  The book, The Paranoid Parents Guide, didn't do that to me but It made me laugh.  Why would a Paranoid Parents Guide make me laugh?  The book was all about the worries and fears parents have and that over time, tend to make us paranoid. My laughter comes from reading about our fears and worries and then the actual statistics of those fears coming true. Most of our fears are in the wrong place! Are you so paranoid that you won't go shopping with your kids because you don't want to let go of their hand in fear that a stranger will kidnap them?

Check on this YouTube video! Does this describe you?  The author explains her book:

My Take on the Book:  I know that I said at the introduction that this book made me laugh.  I hope you don't think I'm a parent without worries or someone who doesn't care what happens to my girls! I've had my share of fears and worries over the years.  We are in the tween and teen stages of parenting so my fears are quite different from parents with little kids.  The author, Christie Barnes, list the fears that parents have, why they have them and what the actual statistics are for those fears.  It seems that overtime our fears become out of focus, misplaced and over exaggerated due to what we hear in the Media.

Most of the fears listed that others have, I didn't have.  At first that worried me but then I realized some of my fears were ones not listed.  So overall, we have fears, some are mismatched and mislabeled others are true fears.   The author layouts it all out in this book.  She tells us our fears, she gives reason behind them, pours out statistics and reason and helps the reader focus on real fears with real statistics.

I was really impressed with this book.  I know a few parents who should read this book.  Are you one of them??  I'm going to recommend that my Library purchase this book.  Do you want to win one? Up to 3 winners will win here on my blog!  For every 10 comments 1 person will win, up to 3 total!  So get entering!

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Giveaway USA and Canada.  Ends October 5th.
Sponsor provided the book for me to review. My own tasty words and opinions are expressed here. Sponsor is also mailing books out to the giveaway winners.

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