Win with Perdue Chicken and Crayola Contest!

I love it when companies listen to what consumers are asking of them! PERDUE chicken stepped up and made all white chicken meat with whole grain breading on their nuggets,  breast tenders, and  breast strips.  Thank you!  I love serving quick and easy meals for lunch time.  I'm always looking for protein that is tasty and healthy!

They are hosting a contest with Crayola to bring "fun to the table".  They are working together to encourage families to eat together!  Click here to enter their contest.    Do you eat together as a family? Why or Why not? I know that the older the kids get, the more difficult it is to all be together at the table.  We have learned to be flexible and serve dinner at weird times.  We adjust it according to schedules.  There are some days where we seem to eat in shifts but we try to eat together every week night.

Join the contest! All you have to do is submit a photo for their contest!!!  Sounds like fun! Go see what others  have submitted!
I’ve Gone Global

I am participating in a Perdue Focus Group with Global Influence.  I was sent a coupon to purchase one of these products!  I'm also entered to win a gift card.  This in no way influenced my post! I'm sharing this with my readers. It is up to them to participate if they want to!

 You can come join our Twitter Chat on September 10th at 9PM ET using the hashtag #Perdue!  There will, of course, be giveaways by @ResourcefulMom.   Say HI to me, I'll be tweeting as @Susieqtpies.
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