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Here we are at the middle of another week!  I'm excited to feature two projects today!  The first one is MATH STEPS.  MathSteps is an online Math program "designed to ensure that students in grades 3 to 8 master the basics of mathematics.  Its purpose is to ensure that kids gain the understanding of the basic concepts and become comfortable with math, instead of being intimidated by it.  A great many kids have a problem with math for a number of reasons." (The other project can be found here, Games)

This program provides weekly worksheets and step-by-step solutions to the problems.  They offer free access to "Explanations and Examples" of basic math concepts.  If your child has missed a step in a math concept it will lead to frustration.  I know I have had to deal with that with one of my daughters.

We are using MathSteps to go over and review concepts from previous grades to make sure she is in full understanding of them.  When she feel confident, then we move on.  This is our year to take our time and really go over each step to help prepare her for her next level of math.

So I challenge you to go take a look at MathSteps and see if it is something that you can use for one of your children.  I've found the site very easy to manage.  I plan on posting more about this site as we the school year continues.  So far this year, it seems to be the perfect place for me to help my daughter gain confidence with her basic math concepts.
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