Get Real Here with Your Eating! Is it OUT OF CONTROL? #maketime365

Ok let's get real here. The gloves are ON! Time to get honest with yourself 
I have quite a few people who I am working with privately. All of them are struggling with eating on some level. The eating is either too much or too little at inappropriate times. You know what I mean....

If you can related that you know we all have days when we "freak out" and eat everything insight...even things that do not taste so great. The real problem is when most days are freak out days and we don't even recognize it. Just the fact that we can go days & weeks on target and eating healthy is proof that all of us are working in the right direction. If you can recognize you are having freak out days you are taking the right steps in the right direction. If you aren't having healthy days and every day is a freak out day....then know that you can break the cycle with the right support. 

Just the fact that you are here reading this is a big step in the right direction. 
Tips -

*Recognize you are over or under eating
*Talk to someone about it (message me)
*Join in discussion with others publicly about this (in any of my groups, friends, family, etc)
*Take steps to have more healthy days vs. freak out days
*Don't beat yourself up if you have a freak out day. Recognize it and do the steps above.

During the freak out or even the day after you know that you aren't feeling so great. Recognize how awful you feel physically and admit that you are tired of feeling that way. Write down how awful you feel. Be real. Write down how physically awful you feel. Write down what you ate. Focus while you are writing at how crappy you are feeling. This will help you identify what your trigger foods are. It will help you learn to break away from those foods, break away from eating too many of them. Try and not tell yourself to never eat something because it is human nature to go to the bad when you are feeling tempted and then you will over do it. Once you recognize the food(s) allow in moderation unless you are totally sick by it and then work to avoid it. Go back up to tips and do them. I also want you to write down that you DESERVE better and you DESERVE to feel better. 

Is this you? Do you sometimes feel horrible physically after having a freak out with food? Does it leave you to then feel horrible mentally? Do you beat yourself up over it? Does it sometimes take you to a dark slippery place where it touches you even deeper spiritually. That is the cycle we have to break. Don't you think?

Message me if this is you and you need someone to listen. I am a health coach and want to help you. I'm all about confidentiality and won't share our conversation with anyone. I will use our conversations to help others just like I'm sharing right now. You speaking to me will be our business ONLY! I work well one on one.
Message me if you want to be in a very small private group with others are struggling with food addictions. I will know everyone personally in the group and it will be a safe environment. Do you know someone who could use this help? Share this with them and get them in touch with me.

How can you message me?

Email me at
Friend me on Facebook, Susie Buetow 
Follow my Make Time for Healthier Lifestyle group to learn about about living a healthier lifestyle and find like minded people. 
Learn more about The 21 Day Fix Eating and Food portion program. It works! 

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