Ever Heard of Buck Books? I'm addicted to digital books!

Are you a digital book junkie? C'mon don't be shy...raise your hand and admit your problem! Both my hands are up high because I.Am.A.Digital.Book.Junkie. Yep! I LOVE digital books! I've been a fan of Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook since conception. I love both so much I have been known to get digital copies of the same book on both devices. Yep...that is me! So are you a digital book junkie?
digital book deals

Back in the day, before Kindle and Nook you always saw a book in my hand during down time. Once the digital books started rolling out I started collecting books. I love having every type of book at my finger tips on my phone, Mac, iPad, Nook, etc. How about you?

So being said, I don't like to over pay for my digital books. That is why I'm SUPER EXCITED to share with you Buck Books! Never pay over $1 for books again! This service scours the best of the best digital books and brings to you the deals! If you are a blogger, sign up for their Affiliate Program and be in the know of the best deals! 

If you aren't a blogger stay tuned for the best of the best digital books! I will share them with you. Coming up on March 3rd they have put together a "Low Carb" collection that will sure please anyone wanting to watch what they eat! Come back soon and increase your digital library! 

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