Fat Shaming Tips! #MakeTime365

So there is this post going around Facebook about Fat Shaming and how there are worse things for someone to be besides "fat".... agree or disagree? 

Fat is an outward appearance just as brown skin, white shin, short hair, long legs, hairy body, etc. So if all we do is judge someone by their outward appearance then we have a problem in our society. 

fat shaming

Did you know that when you judge someone on their outward appearance then you are the one with the problem, not the person you are judging. 

I have been heavy my entire life. I still remember as a kid being given diet suppressant chocolate chews called Aydes (while being fed high fat high carb processed foods) and going to Weight Watchers with family or hearing about how unhappy they were with their body their entire lives. Did these people give me fresh fruit and veggies and teach me about healthy living? NO! 

When all you hear is negative then you live your life in the negative. So when you judge someone who is already negative because of their outward appearance you are only aiding in their negative outlook.

Fat Shaming Tips

#1 Stop judging others on their outward appearance. Go take care of your own problems and TRUST me you have them because everyone has them. Get a mirror and take a look and then come talk to me. I can help you, too. 

#2 Stop letting judgers have power of you. Take revenge on them. Want to know how? Message me or leave an email addy as I have been working on this Revenge plan and journey for 3 years. It is working and I'm winning. 

Sometimes women and men have body image issues related to childhood loss. I know this personally. Here are some of my tips. 
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