Special For 3 People Who are Wanting to Feel Better & Healthier this Summer!

For all my regular readers, you know that I'm a health coach. I've been on a healthier lifestyle journey for 3 yeas now. I have lost 100 lbs and work at it daily to decide to eat right or not eat right, to exercise or to not exercise and so on! This past year I became a health coach to reach out and help others who struggle as I do. I have struggled with my body weight and body image my entire life. Three years ago I made a change and took a chance at feeling better and having turned back! Can I help you get started on your healthier lifestyle journey?
Take a Chance for a Healthier Lifestyle

Right now I have a SPECIAL for 3 people who are looking to feel better, eat better and even drop weight (10-15 lbs in the first 3 weeks) all while having a health coach (ME!) to help you meet your goals! I have at least 20 of you who have been talking to me about wanting to give this a try! Only 3 are able to get my special. 

I have a business goal to meet to be able to make it to this amazing party at our Beachbody convention next month in Nashville, TN. So I am offering a special discount for any program plus Shakeology ordered! Help me reach this goal? And I will help you reach YOURS! It's a Win-Win!

Message me at cafescrapper at gmail dot com, leave a message here with your email addy or find me on Facebook and message me there and l can give you the scoop! Don't wait because these 3 spots will fill up fast! Take a chance on me helping you get started today! 

Sometimes women and men have body image issues related to childhood loss. I know this personally. Here are some of my tips. 
Top Lucky 13 Successful Weight Loss Tips:

1- You are NOT Alone with your Body Image Struggles
2-  21 Day Fix - learn to eat what your body needs
3- Make Time to Walk #MakeTime
4- Nutrition and Exercise Tips
5- How to Start Walking Tips #MakeTime 
6- Weight Loss Tips #MakeTime
7- Top 10 Healthy Changes to Make Today
8- Top 10 Ways to Make Exercise More Enjoyable #MakeTime
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