I Was The So-Called Unhealthy Fat Woman At The Cardinals Game {Healthier Lifestyle Journey}

So how many of you saw the photo of the lady at the Cardinals game being body shamed by a person sitting behind her?

For anyone reading this who has been bullied because of their weight or body then reading it had to make you feel horrible for that lady. My first thought was,"He doesn't even know her or her struggles." 

I grew up being bullied with words and physical abuse because of my weight from adults in my life to kids on the school bus. I grew up constantly hearing and seeing people unhappy with their bodies. I remember as a kid being fed Aydes diet chocolates. Can anyone relate? 

I know adults in my FB friend list who have bullied people with a weight issue right in front of me AND just a week ago someone mocked people running/walking in a 5K because they were so out of breath and had "no right trying to walk/run like that." 
It takes a lifetime to erase the negative voices and I have learned you do not need to do it alone. This lady isn't doing it alone either. Her story and reply to this so called personal training is at the link. 

If you can relate to any of this and want to be in a safe group with like minded people who are struggling then leave a comment with email contact, email me at, follow me on Facebook as I have an online group for you or I can work with you one on one online or locally. Together we fight back.

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Dear Shark Fitness Training, (I got the article, here)
I recently saw that you were at the same Cardinals game that I was. I assume that you were sitting right behind me. I did not pay attention to you because I am a huge Cardinals fan and was very excited to be able to go to a game.
I realized you were not interested in the game as much as you were about my weight and my eating habits. I noticed the next day that you posted pictures of me eating and commenting about my weight and my habits.
Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.10.34 PM

You made it clear that you want to fight obesity through shaming me and that I cared very little about my health.
Well, let me tell you a little about myself.
My name is B. It was not that long ago that I was over 400 pounds. I struggled with eating and my weight for a long time. I was unable to do many of the functions that others could. I could not put on my pants one leg at a time. I could not cross my legs. Being over 400 pounds was hard.
So one day I decided to change. One day I told myself it was enough. One day I said that I could not do this anymore. I did not make that decision because of people like you. I did not make that decision out of tough love but rather love for myself.
Finally one day I decided to change.
And I did. I started to eat a little less. I started to move a little more. It is funny how easy “Eat Less Move More” truly sounds. Wow, it is so damn tough.
Then I lost close to 70 pounds. I walked into the park and took a seat at a picnic table. I cried my eyes out. I could not stop crying.
I did not cry because I was still well over 350 pounds. I did not cry because I was as you would say “A disgusting fat pig”. No, I cried because, for the first time in years, I was able to sit at a picnic table. I was able to do something that “normal” people can do. I started to get my life back.
The more weight I lost, the more I got back. I was able to walk over a mile. I was able to do 30 minutes at the gym. I was able to have my significant other give me a true hug. I was…
I was B again.
I have lost well over 150 pounds. I get it, to you I am still huge and gross but I can look in the mirror now. I love myself now. It is not easy.
I do Crossfit or Zumba. I never thought I could but I can! I go to the gym when I can. I try to get into a fitness class when I can as well.
I also made a promise to track whatever food I possibly could no matter what. What you do not know is that as much as you think I was “too fat to fit in a seat”…
That was the first game I was able to go to. That was the first time I was able to fit into that seat. And as much as you wanted to “track” my food and tell me how horrible it was, I can tell you by MyFitnessPal app, which I love, I had 1400 calories. I also worked out that morning, and when I went on the scale today, I was down three pounds from last week.
Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.44.20 PM
I noticed today you compared yourself to fitness guru Maria Kang, and that is a joke. She might hate obesity, but she does not “hate” obese people. She might want to fight particular foods, but she does not “single out others”. She is a trainer, you are not.
I have a trainer, and you give trainers a bad name. A true coach would never judge or insult others without knowing their story. In fact, they would not insult them at all.
I was upset at first that you posted my pic but after the response I am proud. I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am proud of the person I am. I am proud that I went to the game and was able to get in that seat.
I have no words to say to you. I did not pay attention to you at all. As I said, I went to watch a game, not to humiliate others.
Next time you see me, do me a favor and say hi…
I would love for you to meet a true weight loss success story…
Actually, you already did…just never knew it.

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