Stop Bullying Tips for Kids

Has your child ever been bullied? Have they ever stood up and protected someone who was being bullied?  I was bullied most of my life either at home or school. The cycle didn't break until I went away to college. I made it my goal to raise my own children to have confidence to be the person who protected those being bullied. I chose the high road in the sense that I wanted my girls to be giants. Giants do not have to be the biggest or the best but someone who has the confidence to stand up for others in need. 

How to raise a giant? As a parent I do understand that some people do not know where to turn to teach the kids to be giants. It also takes a lot more to raise a healthy child then just getting them to eat their vegetables. Thanks to Green Giant® who partnered with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and We Day Minnesota to help parents Raise A Giant and put a stop to bullying in their community.

Tips on Raising a Giant

1- Write a letter to your kids telling them how special they are and encourage them to be part of the bullying prevention solution by being the giant. Let them know it is better to be on the helping side of those in need.

2- Visit the community to read letters others have written. They are amazing.

3-Spread the word to other parents and tips on how to do this are also at the online community. Let them know about the letter writing and then share the community with them.

4-Regularly talk to your kids about school and their online use to make sure that they aren't getting bullied. Teach them how to recognize the signs of bullying and speak to an adult in charge if they know someone is getting bullied.

5-Give love and support to your kids and teach them to be proud of who they are, no matter what others may say or do.

6-Share your own personal stories of getting bullied or when you help someone who was being bullied. 

Do you have any tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

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