{October 27} American Beer Day with Recipes made with Beer

Happy American Beer Day! I'm not a big fan of drinking beer but do love it in recipes. Back in the day when we lived in New Orleans I did drink beer with crawfish boils. I'm not sure why but it seemed to be the best drink for this type of food. Here are 29 little known facts about beer and a few beer recipes for you. If you have any beer recipes, feel free to share them in the comments!
american beer day

If you are looking for a Beer Bread recipe this is our go-to recipe. It is perfect for all the fall recipes you will be cooking for your family.

Honey Beer Bread

beer recipes

Crockpot Beer Chicken- Our family favorite recipe. You can use any type of beer.
Chicken Beer Recipes

Beer Battered Tempura - This recipe uses a Mexican Beer but you can try out other beers.

What a cool infographic on beer. Did you learn something new? If you can't read it from here then click over and read here at the 29 unknown facts about beer. This infographic was provided for me to share with you!

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