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Fall and Halloween are such festive seasons! I have learned over the years that this time of the year isn't just for the kids. Adults love having fun, creating crafts, decorating and making fun and tasty snacks. Even Hollywood Stars are crafty these day including the fun mom, Tori Spelling! I've been following Tori for a few years now and I really love her crafty style. How about you? Are you an adult who likes to get crafty this time of the year? 

We get invited to a lot of fun parties this time of the year. For me, I never really know what to bring to the hostess. This year I'm following one of Tori's Tasty Tips for Halloween Entertaining and created an adorable hostess gift using Starburst Candy Corn. Oh my if you haven't had any of these yet you need to get a few bags and hid them from the kids. I'm not a crazy fan of regular candy corn but these Starburst treats are delish! Tori took the treats and created such fun party decor, tasty treats and gift giving ideas. 
Tori's Festive Party Favors
This is Tori's tasty treat idea. I didn't have any twine (aka I couldn't find where the kids put it last) so I used ribbon and other items that I found around the house. This project only cost me a bag of Starburst Candy Corn for each gift. All the other items I had around the house. If you are a frugal crafter like me, then this is one of Tori's project you can make, too. 

Festive Party Favors


Jar - Mason jars or any other recyclable jar
Twine or ribbon
Hole punch
Glue or hot glue
Cupcake Liners, decorative straws
Starburst Candy Corn


1-Fill your jar full of Starburst Candy Corn. You could pick out the colors and only put one color in a jar.
2-Add cupcake liner to top of Mason jar and add ring.
3-Add ribbon, twine, etc around the top.
4-Add tag and embellishments. 
5-Take to your next party!
Tori's Starburst Candy Corn Cupcakes
Do you want to make your own festive mom snacks & crafts, too? Besides the inspiring projects that I shared with you today of mine and Tori's stop over at the Starburst Candy Corn Facebook page where you can check out all of Tori's projects and step-by-step instructions! 

Use Tori's Tasty Tips to help you with your party entertainment. Here are 6 easy Halloween party tips from me, too!

1-Serve easy to eat Finger Food on a buffet table.
2-Have a punch station so guest can serve themselves. Don't forget to offer Mama Zombie Drink.
3-Brain Food and Pumpkin Guts  are fun and tasty foods for adult parties, too.
4-Themed Halloween parties are fun for all ages.
5-Have several trash cans around the room for guest to throw away their trash.
6-Have a candy buffet for the guest, too. Don't forget to set out Starburst Candy Corn.

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