Pumpkin Pie Slime Kid Activities for Halloween

Kids love having hands on fun no matter the time of the year. Each season brings on new opportunities to explore and learn together. Right now is prime time to do kid activities for halloween which brings me to this fun fun fun pumpkin pie slime project posted today on the Science Center of Southern Illinois Facebook page. My daughters are too old to go there to play but they can go there to volunteer! This activity is fun for all ages and even my teens love it.
kid activities
Photo credit and project belongs to Growing a Jeweled Rose

When I saw this project today posted on the Science center page I was thrilled to share it and give them credit. I wanted to give them a link so that anyone living in the Southern Illinois area could pop over and visit the newly updated center. On the photo I saw a faint watermark for Growing a Jeweled Rose. I know that blog and have been there many times. So I went to the blog and yes, it is their photo and project. For the sake of giving true link and credit for this project that is what I'm doing today on my blog. I also left the direct link on the Science center page for people to go to this blog and get the full project.

I think as bloggers we have the responsibility to take care of each other and if we see that someone is using a photo or something from their blog without a link that we provide it. I do wish that businesses and blog readers would show respect to blogs and provide that link automatically when sharing photos and complete recipes on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. 

If you are a reader of mine, please always give full credit for the blogger who put together the project or recipe. If you don't it is most always a copyright violation. What are your thoughts on this?

On to the Pumpkin Pie Slime Kid Activities and recipe. I decided not to share the exact recipe from the Facebook page which belongs to Growing a Jeweled Rose because I want you to visit her blog, get her recipe which goes with the above photo. My kids have made this slime countless times over the years and it is just a combination of these 3 equal ingredients mixed together:
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Liquid Starch
  • Water
To get the scoop on how to make this pumpkin pie slime visit Growing a Jeweled Rose. You won't regret it because her blog is all about kid activities and you will find more Halloween and Fall kid activities to keep you busy until next year! 
kid activities for fall
The kids can make these fun halloween treat jars to put their slime in. Just make sure you keep the paper off the neck so you can put a lid on the jar. 

Photo belongs to The Southern Illinoisan and if you click their link you can go find 30 + things to do in Southern Illinois for October! 

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  1. I love this idea for slime! I bet it smells awesome. You should definitely stop over and link it up to the Perfectly Pumpkin Contest at B=Inspired Mama!

  2. This looks like so much fun!

    I'm sure that the blogger appreciate your giving her credit for her work. I know I would! :)

    Going to check out the recipe now.

  3. What a idea for Halloween! We love it! Our newest showcase is here and we hope you stop in and share again! --->

    Susie @Bowdabra


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