Zombie themed food Halloween Recipe Menu Plan

Here is our Zombie Themed Food and Halloween Recipe Menu Plan. So creepy and yet so tasty! My kids have their favorites every year. How about yours? Just about two week before Halloween! Do you cook anything special leading up to the day? Or do you wait until Halloween and actually create fun Halloween themed recipes? 

We love the zombie theme around here. I have put together some of our favorite zombie recipes and included them in my Menu this week. I hope you give them a try!

Zombie Party Ideas, Recipes & Photos

How do you keep your recipes organized? Find out my solution HERE and how I can pick up and go with all my recipes and menu plan and head out shopping.

Share your links and ideas in the comments so that I can come visit.

Monday-Scaloppine with Peppers, Mushrooms and Tomatoes and Jello Brain Dessert

Tuesday-Honolulu Burger & Monkey Taters and Juicy Flesh (watermelon pieces)

Wednesday-Thai Basil Fried Rice & Crab Rangoon with Rat Intestines as an appetizer (strips of yellow & orange peppers and cauliflower pieces)

Thursday-Pumpkin Guts (chili) and Corn Dip, Toxic Waste Punch

Friday-Slow Cooker Beer Chicken  & Mock Mashed Potatoes and a side of FINGER FOOD with some BROKEN GLASS Cupcakes

Weekend-{Kid Zombie} Iced Coffee Frappes and {Momma Zombie} White Russians
Leftover chicken and a big BOWL OF PUSS (just macaroni salad) or MUMMY FACE Pizza

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More Zombie Ideas

Brain Food 
Jello Brain Dessert
{Kid Zombie} Iced Coffee Frappes
{Momma Zombie} White Russians
Pumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin Guts 
Toxic Waste Punch
Zombie Party Ideas, Recipes & Photos

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