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Honey Chocolate Cake by Winnie- last week menu top pick recipe

Welcome to a new week! How is your menu plan going? Do you stick to it each week? We try and stick to ours but things come up and I don't always get to make what I planned. If that happens I make it the following week.

We have always eaten together as a family. Since last Spring we eat less and less together. With 3 teens their schedules are so crazy that we are lucky to eat together 1-2 times a week! We all notice it and miss eating together. Anyone else dealing with this? 

Here is my menu and I"ve included a linky so you can link up your menu plan or tasty recipes! We often eat the leftovers for lunch or sometimes I actually plan for leftovers the next night if only a few will be eating.

Monday-Cranberry BBQ Chicken

Tuesday-Creole-Style Red Bean Soup with Shrimp

Wednesday-Don's Mexican Salad

Thursday-French Onion Pork Loin Roast

Friday-Pizza Soup

Saturday-Eggs Benedict

Bread-Amish Friendship Bread Starter Day 1
Desserts- Check out these desserts by Inspired By Charm. He made a post with some of his favorite desserts that he found on Pinterest. I was thrilled that he included my Soft Brown Sugar Cookies in his list! I always link up my menu to OrgJunkie Menu Monday to see what others are cooking. I also check out 3 Boys and a Dog menus.

Here are new printable coupons for the month. Do you ever print these off?

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