Unreal Candy just in time for Halloween #getunreal

Have you heard the buzz about the new candy on the shelf just in time for Halloween?? If you have heard or seen UNREAL candy that you are in the know! If not, here is the scoop.

UNREAL is candy that was created because a 13 year old asked, "Why does the junk food we love have to be so bad for us?" This is a great question we all should be asking. It is called junk food because it is junk. The junk is hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Did you know that this junk doesn't make the candy taste good? Nope! It is all added to produce cheap candy!

Through searching and research the Unreal company pulled together a team to remove the junk from candy. So if they removed the junk what did they add as its replacement? They replaced all these ingredients with real cane sugar, real milk, more peanuts, and twice the cacao. How does that sound? It sounds wonderful and taste wonderful, too!

I had over 15 people try Unreal. Below are pictures of the candy and I wrote down and tweeted some of their comments about Unreal.
Unreal 41 Candy Coated Chocolates
*love the natural colors
*love the crisp outside coating
*smooth chocolate center
*taste less sweet

 Unreal 54 Candy Coated Chocolates with Peanuts
*taste the same as peanut M & M's
*peanuts taste like real, fresh peanuts
*love the natural colors
*taste better than M & M peanuts

 Unreal 8 Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar
*real caramel
*like it much better than a Snicker bar
*can I eat all of them?
*these are actually really good
 Unreal 5 Chocolate Caramel Nougat Bar
*The chocolate and caramel is unreal! 
*This is better than any Milky Way, ever!
* equivalent to a Milky Way
*Its so good

Unreal 77 Peanut Butter Cups
*peanut butter less sweet
*not overly sweet and you can really taste the peanut butter and chocolate
*smooth chocolate and peanut butter
*I want more of these
*I only want these for Halloween
*where can I buy these right now
*This is really good
*I never want to eat a Reese Peanut Butter cup again

All I can say is that this candy rocks! We had over 15 people try it and it was a huge hit. I also took some Unreal candy with me when we went hiking with friends.  They all enjoyed it and here are some of the photos of my Unreal candy testers!
 *I want this candy for Halloween!
 *This stuff is good! (She when home and found Unreal on Facebook and left a comment on their wall!)
*Look at the size of Unreal 54! WOW!
She accidentally spilled her candy and some of our other friends yelled 5 second rule and picked up the candy! lol 

*This candy gets my thumbs up!
*I love this candy

Our friends & family gave this candy two thumbs up. We hope you give it a try, too! Keep an eye out for the Unreal team because they are not going to stop with just "unjunking" our candy! They are making it their mission to unjunk junk food!

Check out their website at the above links. You can also see what is happening on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you tried this candy? What are your thoughts? Let me know what you think.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post. I was provided samples to share with family and friends. Our own tasty opinions are expressed here.


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