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I love the heat of the Summer (yes I'm crazy) and dread the cold of the Winter but really look forward to the in between season we call Fall. It brings about fun family activities, crock pot comfort foods and time to prepare for the up and coming October-January family holidays.

For us, it seems that we get to a point in late Summer where we start craving comfort foods. I love to make just about anything with pumpkin. My girls all love pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, dinner in a pumpkin and more! Not only in the fall do we crave pumpkin foods but other Halloween related foods. How about you? What are some of your favorite fall craving comfort foods? 

Here are a few of our favorite Fall recipes, crafts and activities:

Besides Fall and Halloween food, we also start craving turkey! Yes, we start thinking about our family Thanksgiving weekend and eating our favorite family fried turkey! We always make several so that there will be leftover sandwiches the following day. When do you start craving the Thanksgiving turkey? To help with this craving, my family got to try the Arby's Grand Turkey Club which is a new product this year at Arby's. Guess what? It did help our turkey craving! 
Not our boys but they might as well be! These growing teen boys enjoyed the sandwich.

Here are a few comments from our friends & family about the new sandwich, "superb flavor with every bite" and "exotically unique flavor!" Someone also said, "IT HAS BACON!"

Here is what hubby had to say:

"I think it tastes like every fast food turkey sandwich. But it has bacon! I had a chance to try the new Arby's Grand Turkey Club. It was pretty good. The turkey wasn't dry or slimy (like lunch meat turkey can be). The sandwich was warm, the cheese melty and the bacon was nice and thick. The sandwich comes with mayo but tastes better when hit with some horsey sauce and Arby's sauce. The toasted wheat bun was more like homemade instead of factory made.

The Grand Turkey Club is a good choice if you don't feel like having roast beef at Arby's (which is rare for me but could happen). I'd recommend this with some curly fries and a root beer."
One of my daughter's snapped this one! She said it tasted like a sandwich (she is very verbose in the way she describes food) and that she always loves the turnovers!

So do you think that this new Arby's Grand Turkey Club has true craveability? We do! Fall is about change. The leaves changes, temperature drops and our home takes on a transformation of fall decor and warm comfort food fills the air. After the hot summer, we crave these changes and take full advantage of them by cooking more, spending time outdoors hiking and enjoying bonfires with family and friends. How about you and your family? What are you craving this time of the year? What food and activities do you just enjoy in the Fall?

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