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Welcome back to another post on the Kotex First Talk Tween series. This is my 5th post as brand ambassador for Kotex. Besides being a female, I have 3 teen daughters. I've had a lot of talks over the years with my girls and I'm happy to share my knowledge with you.

What is your experience with your daughters? Have you found any valuable resources that you want to share? There are a few online sites that I have found helpful over the years. Just with any information, I always check it out first to make sure it is appropriate for my daughters. Two sites that we refer to are the Kotex site and U by Kotex site. Kotex is a wealth of information for mom's and the U by Kotex site is geared toward answering questions teens and tweens have. As a mom, both sites have been very helpful in giving me information on how to explain the changes the tweens and teens will face.

Here are a few of the topics I have been chatting about on my blog. Check out Teens and Back to School PeriodTween First Period and how to break the iceIt isn't always easy being You. The Mother Daughter Talk and Info for moms! Click on them to find out more!

A few other topics that I want to share with you are:

  • The importance of female hygiene.
  • Keeping track of her cycle with a calendar.

For hygiene, it is so important to encourage your daughter to take care of her body. Daily showers or warm baths, keep hair and face clean and how frequent to change her feminine napkin are all issues that you can discuss with her. Sometimes your daughter might not realize that she has an odor or that her menstrual flow has an odor. Everyone has an odor and each girl needs to know this and what they can do to contain it. When you discuss hygiene, share with her on how often she needs to change her pad, how to change it, where to dispose of it and what to do if blood gets on her undergarments. This is all new territory for her and she needs your advice. Check out the Kotex site for more information if you aren't sure how to go about discussing this. I always suggest being straight forward.

Teach your daughter how and why it is important to use a calendar for her monthly cycle. I know that with my daughters it took awhile for their cycle to be regular. Besides the calendar, teach her the cues that her body will give her to let her know she is about to start. Each girl will have her own specific symptoms at various times. Teach her to get to know her body and it will help prevent unwanted accidents. U by Kotex has valuable information and a calendar. With smart phones, the girls can get an app to help keep track of their cycle, too.

Enter to win U by Kotex Tween Pads & Liners! 50 winners! Stop over at MomCentral and leave a comment to enter their giveaway! Good luck!

DO you have any specific questions on how to talk to your daughter? Feel free to check out the two websites or ask me. Don't be shy! Leave a comment and I will respond back. If you need to, feel free to use my contact form and email me your questions. This is such an important time in your daughter's life. Don't be scared, embrace it!
U by KotexTween

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by KotexTween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. I have been stained during my school days,but I never wanted my daughter to face the same situation,so I gt her adira period panties. She is less concerned about her period days now. They are available in boxer and brief forms.


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