25 Sandwiches on the Go!

We love sandwiches! They make for easy pick up and go meals.  I have a house full of busy teens so I am always looking for tasty & easy foods. I've collected 25 Sandwiches on the go! on my Pinterest Board that are winners. I've made quite a few of them already. The above sandwiches are all on that board. Stop over and take a peek!

Do you have any yummy sandwich ideas? I'd love for you to link them up below so that I can come check out yours, too! I will add them to my pinterest board because I'm looking for new ideas!

BTW you can link up ANYTHING below that you want to get a pin on Pinterest! It isn't just limited to sandwiches. If you stop over and visit my cohost, 3 Boys and a Dog and Crystal & Co, you will see that they are featuring something different! Have fun checking out the party.

WANT TO WIN HALLOWEEN CANDY? 20 WILL WIN here on my blog! Hurry it ends in a few days with low entries!

HOW TO PARTY with us (all optional)

1) Pin this Party Post to Pinterest- Please! Why? To let others know about the party. It advertises the party so more people see it which in turn more people will see what you pin and give you traffic.

2) Add your Pinterest name to the linky. If you aren't on Pinterest and want an invite, leave a comment and email addy.

3) Link up anything you want to be pinned! No limit. We just ask that you make sure your post has a decent picture.

4) In turn pin a few things on the linky.

5) If you want to host the party on your blog, scroll down and take the code. Make your own Pinterest Saturday page. That way you will get more attention to your blog.

Please follow my boards on Pinterest- SusieQTpies Scraps of Life and cohost  Crystal and Company and  3 Boys and a Dog. We do follow back.


  1. Thank you for hosting, Susie! Have a terrific weekend!!

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