Cooking with a 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0

The 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 is a fun device to use in the Kitchen. I didn't include my New Orleans Pralines with this post but I will add it later in the week to my blog. So stop back in! 

Over 7 years ago my family went through a National Disaster (we were all fine as we evacuated before Hurricane Katrina stopped into New Orleans.) We had learned from previous evacuations to take family photos, scrapbooks, personal identification documents and a few days change of clothes. Never in my lifetime did I think we would never return to live in New Orleans and loose a majority part of our personal belongings. Why do I share this with you? Well I lost something really important to me. I loss all of my years of collecting recipes, cookbooks and handwritten recipe cards from family and friends. 

Since this happened, I have slowly rebuilt a wonderful recipe collection and now use my blog and other online resources so that no matter where I go my recipes will follow me. One tool that I have recently fallen in love with to use in the kitchen is the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 . It has a 7 inch color screen which is also touch screen. The resolution is clean, picture perfect recipes can been seen on the screen and it comes with a 3.2-megapixel rear and front facing camera. 
4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0

This table is just the right size to have in the kitchen to view recipes, take pictures of food prep (I'm a foodie blogger so I take A LOT of food photos) and allows me to watch Netflix when I'm in my kitchen for several hours at a time.

Besides helping me to view my recipes, I love searching blogs, Pinterest and brand name website  for more recipe ideas. I have my Tab loaded with free foodie mobile apps of some of my favorite sites  to easily view recipes as well as add my own creations.

Here are some fo the sweet free foodie apps that I used on the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0:
Epicurious Recipes & Shopping Dinner SpinnerWhole Foods Market RecipesSimply Organic Recipes. They were all very easy to navigate and I found a lot of new meal ideas, recipes and more that I could easily save within each app. Do you have a Tablet? Do you use it exclusively in the kitchen? I love that I can use this in the kitchen as well as an easy to take item in case I have to evacuate my home again!  It is also just the right size to take to the store with my menu plan or the saved recipe in an app to pull up at the store. The 4G makes this Tablet super sweet and I love having internet no matter where I go! 

This Tablet worked great for taking pictures of my food prep to be used on my blog. It saved me a lot of time because it was an easy, point and shoot camera. My big Canon camera can now be replaces with Tablet photos. 
I'm hooked! I am totally in love with using this in the Kitchen. I have two suggestions for future product development. One would be to increase the resolution of the camera. Overall it worked fine for my blog foodie photos and you can easily edit them on the Tablet. I didn't try and print any off but that would be one reason to have a higher resolution. The other suggestion would that the Tablet have the ability to use it as a phone! I was testing it out to see how it would work as a phone. I think that I could get use to a phone this size :)

Is this something you would use in the Kitchen? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

I was provided a 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 to review. My own tasty opinions are expressed here.

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