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  1. I would say that sometimes my work gets my good pieces, while my family gets my scraps. That is so frustrating, as that is not what I intend to do, nor is it what God intends for me to do.

  2. Hi Dana
    That is exactally what I was talking about. I remember feeling VERY overwhelmed with one of my jobs. It was something that was suppose to be fun but turned into a lot of work. So much work that I felt as though I was neglecting my kids in the evening.
    Aside from work (i'm no longer working that other job) I find that just everyday things can seem overwhelming and very time consuming. I want my best to be with my children. I don't want them or my husband to get the scraps of me.
    Are we just too busy these days or what?
    I get confused as to the use of my talents. There are so many things I enjoy doing! So if we are feeling overwhelmed maybe we are not using our talents to serve Christ?
    I don't know!

  3. I think that sometimes we expect a lot of ourselves. We are hard on ourselves. What we may view as scraps may really be much more than that. For instance...they call them SCRAPbooks, but look at how beautiful they are. It is a collection of all the scraps...put together, they look beautiful.

    I do agree that we are all too busy sometimes. We aren't able to give because we have been bogged down with so many things. And, you are right, sometimes we just give scraps...but we have to make the best of them. And learn from it.

    When I saw the title "Scraps of Life" I didn't think negative, I thought positive. I read and saw there was a different angle. I just thought of saving those scraps and making beautiful memories out of them.


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