$10,000 winner in the Next Mini Chef Contest *ends 7/28

I've always encouraged kiddos in the kitchen helping out. When given a few ingredients or free range of the kitchen they always seem to come up with some new creative dishes from preschool all the way up to high school age.

Piccolini Next Mini chef Contest: http://us.piccolini.com/next-mini-chef/ (FYI the last time I checked the server was really busy for this contest so please if it isn't working check back later) wants you to help them find the next Mini chef. So if you have someone who likes to create in the kitchen, quickly enter to win the $10,000 Scholarship and title "Next Mini chef" using Barilla Piccolini Pasta!

I love buying Piccolini Pasta. They have taken the classic pasta shapes and shrunk them down to miniature sizes! How fun is that? The pasta cooks quickly, keeps its al dente texture and is a fun way to encourage healthy eating habits in a world of fast-food restaurants. 
Need some ideas on how to get your mini chef helping out in the kitchen? I love the ideas and recipes, here. Do you let your kids help in the kitchen? I'd love to hear how and what you do. Good luck with the contest!

Sorry for the late notice but this contest ends July 28th. So get on over and enter at http://us.piccolini.com/next-mini-chef/.

This is a sponsored post.

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