Diane Birch Discover and Donate

"Discover the critically acclaimed debut album from new artist Diane Birch. Donate $1 to charity. Automatically.

S-Curve Records and Diane Birch are proud to present Discover & Donate. You discover Diane Birch’s soulful debut album, Bible Belt,then you choose one of six charities to receive a $1 donation from your purchase.

PLUS, who ever raises the most money for charity through their widget by June 23, 2009, will win a FREE PRIVATE PERFORMANCE in the winner’s hometown!! (We’ll even throw in a few refreshments.) More albums sold means more money donated. How cool is that? Want to start sharing?"

So what do you need to do? Go to , choose a widget and post to your blog, website or social networking page! Let your friends know about Diane Birch and Discover & Donate! $1 per album sold from clicks on your widget will go to your charity in your name! How sweet is that????

So to make this an even sweeter deal for the Charities and Diane Birch, Amy over at ResourcefulMommy is having one of her "awesome" Twitter Site Warming Parties this Friday for Diane Birch!! Any tweet with the hashtag #music4good between noon eastern Friday and 10 p.m. eastern Friday is automatically entered to win the Shuffle and gift cards.

See you there! Come find me on TWITTER as susieqtpie !!!!!!

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