Grilled Veggie Confetti Pasta Salad

Quick and easy summer meal to make for your family. We love easy, healthy recipes like this one! How about you?
We call this Pasta Salad- CONFETTI PASTA SALAD. It is a colorful pasta salad! Very yummy and extremely easy! I first made this back in 1993 for my DH undergrad party from Purdue!

Confetti Pasta Salad

1 bottle Italian dressing
1 box Bow tie pasta
4-5 cups of your favorite veggies to be grilled!
(any variety of tomatoes, any bell peppers (especially red, orange,yellow) red onions, fresh mushrooms, fresh garlic are what we use the most of)

Clean and cut veggies into pieces. Put in large ziplock bad and pour in 3/4 bottle of dressing. Shake it all about and let marinate 2-8 hours. Then I grill the veggies on my George Foreman Grill. I grill for about 4-5 min. I like the veggies in between raw and cooked. (You can use an outdoor grill too!)

During the grilling I make the box of pasta according to box directions.

I then dump it all in a large bowl. I like the George Foreman Grill because the grilled juices run off into the drip tray. I take all the juice run off and dump it in the bowl too! If I cooked meat then I don't do that because I do not want fat drippings in the salad.

If I think the salad needs a little more dressing then I use the rest of the juices in the marinate bag and or the leftover in the bottle.

This salad last for several days! Sometimes I'll toss in grilled meats or cheese cubes.


  1. Great recipe! i'll have to try that. I feel like such a jerk! You entered my EyeBuy Direct giveaway and I accidentally hit delete instead of publish! on all the comments! so sorry, you can have 3 bonus entries into each if you want to enter again. So sorry!


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