Have you ever been Pulled, Tugged, or Shoved into an Unknown Direction?

Several months back I saw a bible that had journaling in the margins with words and photos. The journaling was done by hand using markers, pencils, colored pencils, etc. The journaling emphasized a verse on that page. I kept seeing more and more journaling to the point where I really felt this could be a way to help me grow in the Word. Have you ever felt a strong pull, tug, or a shove in a direction you never considered?
bible journaling

Here is a quick backstory on me and how I just recently felt pulls, tugs & shoves! Years ago I had a journaling bible which was just a bible that had wide margins so that you could take notes during bible study. I don't remember how I came to have this bible but I loved it. It was full of hand written notes. I loved looking over it to see what I had been learning in bible study. Then Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 and that was the end of my journaling bible. The flood waters took it from me. It was probably one of my biggest losses from Katrina 10 years ago. Right now it still brings me to tears. Over the years, my mind wandered to my bible and what I had written down about a particular passage we were currently covering. I know bibles can be replaced but over these past 10 years I never allowed myself to get into bible study and really take notes. I think I was just in my own state of shock all those years until I saw some bible journaling on Instagram. 

How in the world can this happen? I know it wasn't of my doing especially since it was 10 years later. I was being pulled, tugged and shoved into this. I really feel as though the Holy Spirit is reminding me of the wonders of the Word of God. Someone asked me if I haven't been going to church the past 10 years. Yes I do go weekly to bible study and to church. The hurricane didn't make me abandon my faith but I feel like I had some sort of heavy weight on me that has been lifted. 

Besides not getting a bible to journal the past 10 years, I also haven't allowed myself time to be crafty. I used to make hand stamped cards, teach stamping and scrapbooking, and more. A lot of my craft supplies did survive the hurricane, oddly enough. My craft area in New Orleans didn't have roof damage and was on a floor that didn't mold. So most of those supplies were saved and are now 10-20 years old! The supplies have all been in my basement and our girls have used them the past 10 years. 

So 10 years of no bible journal and no crafting all came crashing together with this thing called bible journaling that I kept seeing on Instagram. Natural curiosity took over and that led me to find groups on bible journaling on Facebook. I was even friends with Connie, the first Instagram account where I saw this bible journaling. I was totally blown away by what people were doing in their bibles. After checking it all out I told my hubby that I wanted to order a bible! I'm certain that this seemed odd to him since we have bibles in our home, I have a bible and I use one on my phone but I needed a journaling bible to get back into the word. Not only that, but combine it with my inks, pencils, craft supplies, markers, chalks, etc that I haven't used the past 10 years.

I really feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I'm so excited to see where this bible journaling takes me and who will go along the journey with me. I've already met new friends online, created a Facebook group for new bible journaling people, and created my very first Periscope on bible journaling. I'm also finding my every day friends wanting to join in!

If you ever feel a strong pull, tug or shove toward something then stop and look around you. Take the time to go in that direction and pray about it. I did that and I really feel that now, 10 years later I am moving forward and out of the waters of hurricane Katrina that had held me down from really living in the Word of God.  I'm saying prayers of thanksgiving that Jesus had me all along through baptism, absolution, gospel and sacrament which were delivered to me by pastors along the way including my husband. I pray the same for you. 


I will be sharing Bible Journaling 101 On the Cheap ideas so do follow along!

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