Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blog 1 year old and 2nd post!

Welcome back to my Scraps Of Life Blog!!! IT has been in the scrap bin for over a year now!!! It is back and I want to hear about your Scrappy Life!!!!!!

We have been here for almost 1 year!!!! It has been a fun journey of creating new Memories! I haven't written but I've been looking around the internet getting ideas from other bloggers.


Susan Buetow said...

Scroll to bottom of page for Recipes,etc! Thanks! Susan

Karin Hunt said...

Hey! My mom and I were shopping yesterday and she said you should come visit us sometime! She wanted to be sure I told you "Hi!" so that's what I'm doing. Just got home from church. I was helping a couple ladies work on projects for our Christmas Craft Day. Should be a fun time!

Susan Buetow said...

Sounds great Karin! Tell her HI for me too!!!!! hugs, susan

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