Hey Friends!
Our Church, Bethel Lutheran here in Du Quoin, IL is putting together a Family and Friends cookbook. We are wanting to have all recipes submitted by Dec 31st. So if you would like to share some recipes for our book please email them to me or post here on the BLOG. The books will probably cost somewhere between $6-$10. The money raised will mainly be used for our Altar fund (money to make banners, buy oil for candles,etc through our LWML- women mission league) If you do submit and want a copy of the book let me know. You can get a book even if you don't have recipes to submit. Thanks for your support. I'm always looking for new recipes! Hope you can help!
~Happy Holidays~


  1. Are you taking submissions from outsiders? :) Feel free to submit Lemon pizza recipe #1, and I'll work toward getting you recipe #2 if you like.

  2. YES Stan outsiders, like you, can submit recipes! I will gladly add that pizza recipe! If you have any others just email them to me or post here. Whatever works best for you!
    Thanks mucho, Susan


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