Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story Review & Giveaway!

katie-and-kimbleKatie & Kimble: A Ghost Story is the first book in the Katie & Kimble Series. This series is geared toward a reading level 3 and ages 7-10. It is 106 pages of pure fictional fun! Don't let the Ghost Story title keep your young ones from reading the book. It isn't a scary book! Katie moves to a new town with her family and discovers a kindred spirit! She goes on a quest that is engaging and heartfelt!
My 10 year old homeschooled daughter, Emily, loved the book! She is an avid reader who devours 5 books at a time. She was excited to read the book and then explore The Katie and Kimble blog. Very few fictional books link you to a blog! What a great opportunity for the Author, Linda Thieman, to get her readers eager to explore and do more with Katie and Kimble. Emily loves the interaction with sound bites! How fun to go here the Kimble Kimble chant, Graceful Ghost and even see the Katie and Kimble video that uses graphics from the book!
As a homeschool mom I love the blog! There is a section for Teachers and Homeschoolers! In the section you have access to free materials and activity packets for each book! The author, Linda Thieman is a former English/Language teacher from Sioux City, Iowa. The material that she created corresponds to the first two books in the Series. They are guided by the standards set for third grade reading skills in Iowa school systems. The books are priced right too! They are $5.95 or $2.48 for instant download! So not only are the books affordable you are given full access to the blog with free activities, free chapter downloads, handouts, color sheets, etc. On top of that the site is kid friendly and kid safe!
Time for a Giveaway! Our dear Author wants you to have an autographed copy of her book!
Enter To Win It:
One lucky readers will win autographed copies of Katie & Kimble: A Ghost Story.
How to Enter:
Visit the Katie & Kimble Blog and have a look around. Then come back here and make a comment on something from her blog. Deadline is May 29th. US entries only. Winners will be selected by Random.org. If by chance you don't win don't worry I will give you another chance in a few weeks!!!
Want extra chances to win?
5 chances-Follow the RSS feed at KatieandKimbleblog.com
1 chance- Follow my blog
1 chance-Follow the Author on twitter as @LindaThieman
1 chance-Follow my other blog, Scraps of Life
1 chance-Follow me on Twitter . I'm @susieqtpie
1 chance- Stumble it - leave ID in comments
1 chance- Technorati it - leave ID in comments
 Please make sure that you leave a comment for each chance in my comments to get credit!

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