Dinner: Gourmet Turkey Asian Burgers

Wow what a fun dinner! I made my first ever Gourmet Turkey Asian Burgers for my family! Guess what? So can you! Just go to The Healthy Pantry and order your Meal kit!!!
This kit came with a bag of specially blended Asian mix and Hoisin sauce. All I had to do was add ground turkey and eggs. The blended mix was a time saver! I didn't have to plan out the ingredients or check to see what I had on hand or even go to the store! Their website states "no hunting , no measuring, no chopping"! This Meal kit also came with Stir Fried Brown Rice. All I had to add was water, egg and soy sauce! Total price for the kit is $9.97. That gave us 8 burgers and a side of Stir Fried Rice. I also cooked broccoli. The burgers were very filling and we had 1 1/2 burgers leftover for lunch.

What a fun and educational company! Their site states "Along with great flavors, this dinner contains sesame seeds, rich in fiber, protein and many minerals, including calcium. Sesame seeds have the highest protein content of any nut or seed and have been found in studies to help reduce LDL levels (the “bad” cholesterol)." I did not know that about sesame seeds!!
On each package you will be given the ingredient list, what you need to provide, Prep time, Cook time, serving size, nutritional facts and very details instructions on how to cook the product! The burgers were 10 min (3 min of that was for prep of mixing the packet with the turkey)
Please go check out The Healthy Pantry and look around at their story and why they started the company! Check out all their meal kits. They have Special Diet kits ranging from Weight loss to No Dairy! They also have a "Recipe Makeover" tab! I have not submitted a recipe yet but plan to do it soon! You just submit a recipe and they will make it healthier, easier and tastier! This is currently a FREE service. The Chef will re-write it and send it back to you with complete "before" and "after" nutrition label!!! How fun is that? I have seen them do it with 3 recipes.
Have you tried The Healthy Pantry? If so please leave a comment! Stay tuned. We plan on trying the Wild Salmon Patties and Quinoa with Vegetables Kit and Whole Grain Oatmeal Raisin cookie Kit !!!!


  1. just what i need for some great ideas .. it looks great here!

    from One Day at a Time with Silver/

  2. What a good idea! I'm not big into kits because they are so often loaded with junk ingredients (high fructose corn syrup and friends). But this sounds great. And better this than fast food any day!


  3. YES I agree on kits. We cook low sodium and kits are loaded with them. So far i'm very impressed with what I have read. These are great to have on had for when I don't have time to do a lot of prep work!

  4. Hi! I have an award for you on my blog. Check it out =)


  5. Susan,

    Thanks for the nice review I saw you posted on the Asian Turkey Burgers!! You rock! (-:

    I'm down in Salt Lake City today and got to grab a quick lunch with Rachael Herrscher, too. She's got awesome energy and is doing a fantastic job leading Today's Mama!

    Please let me know if we can do anything at all for you...




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