Febreze Brazilian Carnaval- 10 thumbs up!

I just received a can of the new Febreze Brazilian Carnaval from @Febreze_Fresh on Twitter to try! I do love trying new products but I am a hesitant buyer. I will almost always try a new product if I have a coupon. Most always when I get a sample of a product I become a fan of it! I can't recall any sample that I have received that I didn't like or know of someone who could use it!I am a huge fan of Febreze and have been using their products since it went to market in 1998! I love the Febreze Linen and Sky and use it at least once a week. It really helps to zap out cooked food odors (like fish or bacon) that linger in my kitchen. We do not have pets but the previous owner of our home was a smoker and had a dog. It might be my imagination but ocassional I get a whiff of wet dog. People tell me that they do not smell dog or smoke in my home. I am confident that my Febreze has eliminated those odors!
When Febreze released the new Carnaval scents I was so excited to try them. The delightful, eye-catching cans and exotic scents were drawing me in. But because I'm a hesitant shopper I have been waiting for a coupon or a sample so I could try them. So I was extremely excited to get my sample from @Febreze_Fresh yesterday in the mail! I sprayed it here and there waiting to see if anyone noticed! They did! The can states "You might just be tempted to dance the Samba or start a parade around your living room" but all I got was one of my cuties taking the can and running with it to her room! I just got it back a few hours ago after begging her to bring it back to me. My husband who does not like a lot of scents has made 2 positive comments about it today! He actually said that "he really likes it!" I'm going to get him a can for his office.

I have rated the exotic
Febreze Brazilian Carnaval 10 THUMBS UP because all 10 thumbs in my home are up! Very few products get that from everyone here! How can you not love a product that states "eliminates odors and freshens" along with "Inspired by the lush green groves of acai berry palms that billow in the winds deep within the Amazon." So today instead of saying CALGON take me away I'm saying "Febreze Brazilian Carnaval" take me to the Amazon!
I hope to get more products to review and have a giveaway! Stay tuned!!!!!

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