Weight Loss Inspiration {Inspiring People}

There are so many inspiring people around me each day. I want to share their stories with you this year! Check in each week and get a dose of inspiration with a side of weigh loss. 
If you have been following my blog, you know that I'm on a healthier lifestyle journey. In April 2012 many factors came together at one time to make me jump off the couch and sign up at my local gym. 
When I started this journey I could barely walk 4 times around the walking track (18 times around is 1 mile). After that first day I told myself that I was going to walk off my weight and made it my goal to go farther and farther each time. Well 9 months later I have walked off over 60 pounds and 12 bags of clothes! I took the clothes to charity. I no longer need them.
For week #3 of my 52 weeks of Inspiration I am featuring this bag of clothes. I know that sounds crazy but I look at this picture when I'm feeling like I don't want to go to the gym. I know I can't stop walking or working out. These clothes are gone and they aren't coming back! 
My goal for 2013 is to get rid of 60 more pounds and I will do it. I have had help from my local gym, LifeKrazeBobHarper#mamavation and my newest inspiration- Jullian Michaels (more on her later!) Not only have these 4 things inspired me but so have local friends and various blogs and websites. I will keep featuring these each week for 2013. I hope you get inspired, too!
What inspires you? I'd really love to know! Feel free to leave a comment and/or a link below. I would LOVE it if you signed up for my brand new Newsletter! More recipes and inspiration coming soon! 

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