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Are you trying to live a Healthier Lifestyle? Do you Live Lean and Eat Green? This is week 4 of the 52 Weeks of Inspiration and I'm featuring Lindsay, a blogger who has inspired me the past year through her blog The Lean Green Bean- Live Lean. Eat Green.
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 Asian Black Bean Burger (recipe below)

Here are the Q & A's that I asked Lindsay! I hope you get inspired!

How did you or what inspired you to get healthy? 
I used to be a very picky eater. Until my junior year of college I pretty much lived on bagels, Cheerios and mac and cheese. When I was younger it wasn't noticeable because I was an athlete and was always moving around. I studied abroad in Australia my junior year and gained a bunch of weight. When I got home, I started paying more attention to what I ate. I graduated from college a semester early and once my then boyfriend/now husband moved into our own apartment, I started really focusing on cooking healthy meals and getting healthy again. I lost the weight I had gained and felt great. I've pretty much maintained ever since. 

Are you a Fitness and/or Health Coach? 
I am a Dietetic Technician, Registered and am currently finishing my dietetic internship. In April, I will take my exam to become a Registered Dietitian. 

How long have you being on a healthier lifestyle journey?
I've always know about the importance of health, eating well and working out but I'd say it's been about 7 years or so since I really started taking it seriously. 

Why do you do it?
Because I feel my best when I'm active, workout and eat well. 
The Lean Green Bean

How do you encourage others to take on a healthier lifestyle?
Through my blog. I share pictures of my food and workouts in hopes that it will inspire others to make positive, healthy changes and choices in their own life. I also went back to school to become a RD so that I can share my knowledge with others.

Can you share a few healthier lifestyle tips?
  • Start small. 
  • Don't expect habits to change overnight. 
  • Make a list of things you want to change and pick one or two to focus on. Once you've got a handle on those, move on to a few more. 
  • Set small, realistic goals that are attainable. 
  • Give it time. Developing healthy habits and losing weight take time! Don't expect an instant fix. 
How can others get involved? What advise would you share with someone who wants to begin eating or exercising?
See above. Start small. If you're not exercising at all, make it a goal to walk for 20 minutes a day. Once that gets easier, add in some weights or some other cardio activities. Choose things you enjoy. Don't do a certain kind of workout just because everyone else is doing it. Find something you enjoy!

Make one healthy choice at a time. If you're not eating breakfast, start there. If you're not getting enough veggies, focus on adding 1-2 extra servings every day. If you're eating too many sweets, find some healthier options like fruit for dessert. Clean out your fridge and pantry to get rid of things that tempt you and restock with healthier options!

What do you like to do for FUN?
Crossfit! My hubby and I also enjoy hiking and walking our dogs...and I love cooking, taking pictures and afternoon naps :)

Share something about your family if you want!
My hubby and I live in the suburbs with our furry family that includes 2 dogs and 2 cats. We rescued them all from shelters and love them to pieces.

Who inspires YOU?
My readers. Hearing about all the people out there that are working so hard to eat better and get healthy is motivation for me to keep setting a good example for them!

Here is Lindsay's recipe for the delish Asian Black Bean Burgers. This recipe is on my MUST DO LIST. 
The Lean Green Bean

Check out all the inspiration on her blog, The Lean Green Bean. She can be found sending awesome pics including her exercising photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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