Mamavation Monday on Wednesday

Have you ever heard of Mamavation? If you are a blog follower then you might have read my Mamavation Two Week Challenge with Bob Harper post. This is a post about healthier lifestyle choices, pledging into the Sistahood and why I've been doing it since April 2012.

If you are sharp this morning, you will see that this is a Mamavation Monday post but it is being posted on a Wednesday. That is because I'm pledging to be in the Mamavation Sistahood and the post is suppose to be a Mamavation Monday post and I didn't want to wait another week to get this posted. With me? lol

 I've been a silent sista in hood for at least 4 years now. I've participated on and off in twitter events, read blog post on Mamavation and search for #mamavation on Twitter just to read what they are saying about a healthier lifestyle. Am I a creeper? No, not really. I just didn't have anything to say or share but I wanted to get inspired and do my own research. By doing this, I came upon the 2 week Bob Harper Challenge at the end of October. I took the leap and signed up to do the challenge.

 Why did I finally sign up for something and participate in Mamavation? I did this because I was finally at a point to where I needed a little help. You'll have to go read the post for the full deets but it boils down to the fact that I had lost over 40 pounds (started April 2012) but my weigh loss was at a standstill. So I joined the challenge to mix up my routine and it helped me tremendously. Why? It helped to have a group to go to where I could get some mamavation aka motivation and where I could share what I have learned.

Once the challenge was over, I kept up with as well as what I had already been doing prior to the challenge to bring my weight loss of 2012 to 61 pounds. That is amazing and I'm always blown away by the number of pounds that I have lost. I have more to go and I am determined to loose at least 60 more pounds in 2013.

Throughout this healthier lifestyle journey, I have learned a lot about my body and what works and doesn't work. Do you want to know my secret diet? Everyone always ask like there is that one diet that helped me loose 60 pounds. I get weird looks, weird comments and even blank faces when I do share my secret diet. My secret diet is called The Exercise Diet. OMG! Yes I said the word EXERCISE!

That is my diet. People ask, "But what diet do you know what do you eat." I tell them, and you here that I eat whatever I want. I have learned since April that I do not want or no longer want Coke Zero, anything with no fat replacements or no sugar replacements, very little white flour, white sugar or white pasta. I no longer crave or want a bag or box of this or a box of that, etc. My diet is protein, vegetables, fruit and anything else that gives me the strength to make it to the gym once a day.

So by following my own "The Exercise Diet" my body has naturally helped me determine what to eat and what not to eat. This really only makes sense once you get doing it.  Does this mean I never eat any of the things I mentioned above? No it doesn't mean that. I have no restrictions because I have learned that restrictions mean I will find a way to eat everything all the time and feel crappy all the time. I focus on exercising and everything else falls into place.

 So now it is 2013, I have new exercises that I want to do, races to be ran and will do, I want to keep learning about how to have the best healthier lifestyle for me and I want to keep sharing my experiences with anyone who ask.

 Check back weekly as I'm going to try and have a Mamavation Monday post EVERY Monday! lol If you have any thoughts, tips, comments, questions please leave them below so that I can help you! I decided to join another one of their challenges.

Check out for the #iheartomron challenge. If I get accepted into that you will be hearing a lot more from me and I will gladly share all that I am learning with you!

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