Little Fit Athletes Support Local Special Olympian #spon #JustAKidFrom

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/POWERADE and my own honest opinions & photos are shared.

This past spring my little club fitness athletes from our local Health Center got together with their families and participated in the Special Olympics Torch Relay with local Special Olympian athlete, Melissa. We were given a course to run with the Special Olympics Torch. The torch was passed to us and we ran with it until it was time to pass off to the next leg. All of the little ones throughly enjoyed participating in this event. Not only did we do it to show that we are a physically active group but we did it to support our local athlete on her journey to the Special Olympics, where she participated in the Softball Throw Event.

We learned that everyone can be an athlete when they try their best at something that they enjoy. All the athletes in our club have the potential to be happy, healthy, and fit. Not only for themselves but they can also inspire others along the way. By participating in such an event, these little fit athletes inspired their community and Special Olympian Melissa to go compete in her sport and be the best she can be. It is amazing that "just a kid" can do all of this!

As parents, we can support our athletes in a lot of ways including:

  • Carpool them to events.
  • Cheer for them.
  • Help them practice their sport.
  • Provide fuel by preparing healthy meals, snacks and keeping them hydrated.
  • Support the coach and other adults involved in the sport.

Companies do support young athletes, too! POWERED believes with the right motivation, our everyday athletes can realize their potential and inspire others around them just like our little fit athletes did with Melissa. Sports do have a major impact on communities. Just look at how much time & money is dedicated to sports programs. Sometimes we think that too much money can be spent on such programs but that thinking is offset by the need for our youth to be "just a kid" in the community, keep active & fit, and bring a community together. For sporting events, all ages get together to support local athletes no matter if it is t-ball, summer swimming, youth club basketball, high school football, dance team or Tae Kwon Doe. Every athlete counts and they will have stories to tell of experiences for years to come. 

"Just A Kid" apparel can be purchased for local athletes where all net proceeds go to Boys & Girls Club of America. This completes the circle of "just a kid" from our community inspiring and helping "just a kid" from somewhere else! 

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