Join the September Challenge to Move Every Day #MoveEveryDay

Today is Day 1 of the Move Every Day September Challenge. I am hosting a small private group which you are welcome to be apart of. Just leave a comment with your email address or send me an email at cafescrapper @ gmail . com and I will add you to the group. I will post daily here on my blog with the challenge so feel free to leave comments here as well. I will also update my Facebook page and other social media sites to set reminders that I have posted.

Welcome to the Challenge. I originally advertised this challenge group as Move 1 Mile a Day. I changed the name to Move Every Day for a reason.  Below I explain the start of my healthier lifestyle journey and the reasoning for the change of name! 

In the spring of 2012 I had had enough of feeling yucky, achy, depressed, restricted, isolated, etc. I stepped on a scale and I had never seen that weight on a scale. Instead of crying and eating more I started walking. I told myself that every day for 4 weeks I would just walk around the track at my gym. I had a free month trial and if I did that then I would try something else. To put the track in perspective, it took 18 times around for 1 mile. could barely walk 2 laps at a time and I would have to sit down. My heart was racing and sweat was pouring off of me. A baby could have crawled faster than I walked. After 6 months of this I could then could walk and run it over 3 miles at a time and I'd even go outside and walk/run 5+ miles at a time. So I'm here to tell you that if YOU want to feel better and if YOU want to build up strength & endurance and if YOU want to drops some pounds and build muscle then YOU can do this. Start today. If you already exercise then please participate by walking, running or exercising every day for the month. 

Soooooo I changed the name of the challenge because you don't have to start at a just need to start. I planned on changing the name all along once the group got started. I had it at a mile just to see what type of responses aka excuses I would get. So many of us were quitting before even starting because the goal was not their own. Does that make sense? If it isn't your goal it isn't going to happen. If it isn't your why it won't happen. 

I ask 2 things from you today----- 

#1 What is your WHY? Why do you want to do the challenge to move every day? 

#2 Set a goal. Goals can change, be broken, modified but you have to give your mind a goal to work on this month of September. It is a goal for the next 30 days. Just like I said my goal was to walk every day. That is all I did. I walked. I didn't count steps, miles or time. After that I set a new goal. You make your own goal. ****Only requirement is that the goal be something that moves your body more than you have been moving it. So think about it and write it down. I can help you with ideas but just write something down! 

So- write your 2 goals below. This will be done so we can help each other achieve it and makes us accountable! 
Have a great day and I'm happy that each and everyone of you took a chance to read this and to participate. If you want in the private group, email me at cafescrapper @ gmail. com or leave an email below in the comments. You can also follow my other social media sites to keep up with the challenge. 

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