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Do you ever wonder who all those people are when you see weight loss before and after photos? If you log into my Team Beachbody Site you will see a lot of these success stories. Anyone who drinks Shakeology and/or who has purchased Beachbody programs can submit results in the "Beachbody Challenge". On our website these are real people like you and I who have worked through a program and have shared results. When you do that you get free stuff depending on the program you used. Everyone qualifies to win money, too! They give money away all the time for those submitting results. SOOOO the reason why I bring this up because here is a Shakeology result from my friend Julia B. She is on my team. She is a real person, wife & mom. 

I personally am going on 2 years of Shakeology. I've also worked most of the programs available with Beachbody. I have yet to share a success story on the site but I will some day! I do share here on my blog and on Facebook & Instagram. You will see me sharing my results on Beachbody soon though! I've learned that this is a journey of many many small changes that will add up to a healthier life in my 40 and beyond years. I wish that I would have started earlier in life getting healthy. I have accepted that I didn't and going forward I want to feel better. Remember no one gained all their extra weight over night. It is a journey to remove the extra weight and create a stronger, healthier body. Just message me and I can help you do the same! Feel free to click any links in this post to get to me or email me at cafescrapper at gmail dot com. 

Need some motivation to keep plugging away in hopes that Shakeology really will change your life? Let me introduce you to Julia B.

Overweight, depressed, and lethargic, Julia struggled to lose her baby weight while dealing with the stress of taking care of a newborn. More than anything, Julia wanted to take her life back and regain control of her eating habits.

Julia completed a handful of Beachbody programs, and while they reshaped her muscles and blasted fat, the real game-changer for her was Shakeology. Once she started drinking it daily, she felt energized, no longer craved sugary foods, and regained her confidence.

What she loves most about Shakeology is being able to get all her nutrients and superfoods in ONE SHAKE.


Orange Creamsicle Shakeology (More recipes like this on Team Beachbody website) 
Total Time: 10 min. 
Prep Time: 10 min. 
Cooking Time: None 
Yield: 1 smoothie
½ cup unsweetened almond milk (or low-fat milk) 
½ cup 100% orange juice 
1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology 
1 cup ice
1. Place almond milk, orange juice, Shakeology, and ice in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.

Want to know more about Shakeology? You can click the Shakeology link and log into my Team Beachbody account to learn more or you can go to my private Facebook group where I share info with friends...go here to Shakeology on Facebook 

OK So here is one more recipe for Shakeology! 

This one is super-simple "Mocha Chiller": 
•1 scoop Chocolate, Chocolate Vegan, or Vanilla Shakeology 
•1 cup brewed coffee (cooled, ice to taste) 
TIP: Add a little bit of milk, or a milk alternative, and some cinnamon for the cappuccino or latte effect!

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