DIY Homemade Cleaner Recipe and Bathroom Cleaning Tools

Easy DIY homemade bathroom cleaner recipe cleans like nothing else I have ever purchased. This is my cleaner of choice! 

homemade cleaners

Raise your hand if you like to clean your bathroom? Like it or not it has to be kept clean and someone has to do it! I love having a clean bathroom and do lightly clean it daily. I only do a good deep clean once a week. There are a few things that are really important to me in the cleaning process. One is to have the right cleaning tools and the other is the right cleaning solution.

On Pinterest a few months back I saw an easy, homemade cleaning solution that I wanted to try. It is now the ONLY cleaning solution that I will use for the sink, tub and shower. We call it Baby Blue because of its color.

Baby Blue Bathroom Cleaner

Cleaning Vinegar (or regular white vinegar)
Blue Dawn
1 spray bottle

Pour equal ingredients of vinegar and Dawn in a spray bottle and lightly shake.
For tough areas let the mixture soak for 30 minutes and then scrub or wipe off the grime. 
For regular, on-going cleaning just spray and wipe or scrub.

Now on to the cleaning tools. Do you look at the tools in the store and wonder which ones to purchase? There are always new ones to look at and try. Just recently I was asked to participate in the Rubbermaid product blog tour with 9 other bloggers. Once you read my post check out their post, too! We are all sharing our experiences with select Rubbermaid bathroom cleaning tools. 

Extendable Scrubber- The Extendable Scrubber has a pole reach of 24-40 inches. I was impressed as to how sturdy the poll was when I extended it the full 40 inches to reach the upper corners of my shower. The poll stayed locked into place and didn't bend with pressure. I can see this as a very helpful tool, especially for people who can't get down and scrub the tub or reach high to wash down the walls. This is also handy to get behind and around the toilet without having to get your face in the bowl. The scrubber can be detached from the poll for close up jobs and has Switchable Pads.

Flexible Scrub Brush- I have NEVER used a flexible bathroom scrub brush that was actually flexible. This brush has a 3 inch flexible tip with bristles that are actually firm and bendable. The brush has a lock which lets you control how much you want the brush to bend. What a handy tool to get into those hard to reach areas and it curves with the contours of your cleaning space. I love how this brush fits in my hand. 

2-in-1 Scrubber- This is a double duty brush. I'm totally loving it. Not only can this brush use all of the Switchable Pads but it comes with its own detachable detail brush. No more taking your husbands tooth brush to get into those hard-to-reach areas. This detailed brush is perfect for small areas such as the tight crevasses of the shower track doors, around the faucets, above and below the grout, around the bottom of the toilet and all those nasty hard-to-reach areas. This brush is sturdy and has been built to last.

Switchable Pads- My bathroom, as well as yours, is full of different surfaces that need to be cleaned. With these new bathroom cleaning tools you can purchase a variety of cleaning pads. I tried the Scouring Pad, Sponge, Bristle Brush and the Disposable Pads. All but the Disposable Pads will last for a long time. They are all durable and made of high quality materials. If you ever have one of those disgusting cleaning jobs in your bathroom, use the Disposable Pads. They are meant to be used once and tossed. 

Rubbermaid designers did a great job coming up with these Bathroom Cleaning Tools. I am super impressed with the quality of material in all of the products. The tools were made to fit in the hands of a woman or a man. For some reason that thought popped into my head when I was cleaning my bathroom. So how many of you let your husband clean the bathroom? Maybe you should get these new tools and let him give them a try, too! 

I was asked to participate in this Rubbermaid Bathroom Products blog tour. I was sent 
Rubbermaid products for free. My own tasty words and opinions are used in this post.  Feel free to check my full disclosure statement tab for more information.

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