6 Healthy Foods for the Savvy Traveler

Are you making your summer travel plans? Don't forget to plan snacks along the way, especially if will be at the mercy of others. Don't let yourself get in a situation where you are eating food you do not want to eat. Remember that nutritious, healthy eating doesn’t mean deprivation and with a little planning you can enjoy foods that are deliciously good for you.

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Some simple and perfectly portable choices include:

• Natural peanut butter, raw almond butter and baked wheat/multi-grain crackers or rice cakes. Or pack some road-friendly nut butter sandwiches made with whole wheat or multi-grain bread.

• Nuts, fruit and a high quality natural dry cereal to munch on, or trail mix that is chockfull of your favorite healthy goodies.

• A power protein, or granola bar. Check the label to be sure it doesn’t have any chemicals, hydrogenated oil, or high fructose corn syrup lurking inside. Also watch the calorie count and check the fat and sugar content, and opt for one with the best nutritional profile.

• Pack a little cooler with yogurt, berries, low-fat cheese, hard-boiled eggs, or raw veggies and humus.

• For a punch of protein that doesn’t require refrigeration, take along sardines or single-serving packets of tuna and whole grain pita bread to make a simple, satisfying, and healthy sandwich.

• If you want something crunchy, pop natural popcorn, put it in a container or bag and take it with you.

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 These Choco Coco Bananas look great! I'm going to make some of these for my up and coming trip!

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