3M Mobile Projector Fun Movie Watching! #3MSummerFun

We have always wanted to do a drive-in or shall we say outdoor "sit-in" movie for the girls and their friends. I never knew how to make that possible until the new 3M Mobile Projector came along! We were asked to review this sweet new toy a few weeks ago. I jumped on the chance to make a fun movie night for my girls. Little did I know when the projector arrived we would have 2 weeks of temps over 100 degrees. The temps are not usually that high and dry for that long so we had to move the party in the house. 

This little 1.2 inch X 2.6 inch x 5.9 inch and .65lb projector was simple to use. Within minutes of taking it out of the box it was set up and used to watch movies, play video games, look at pictures and even act as a projector for conference crowds. The large projection is perfect for playing Angry Birds, too! Not that I know anything about that!! Of course in our home all the teens and hubby wanted to know if YouTube works, too! Guess what? They were all thrilled to know that YES you can watch YouTube with the projector! 
For our movie night the girls chose Finding Nemo because it was a movie that all ages could watch and one that hasn't been seen around here in years. We set up a drink, a salty snack and a sweet bar for them to pick whatever snacks they wanted throughout the movie. It was a fun family event and everyone wants to do it again! We are hoping that the next time we will get to have it outside and make smores and chili on the open fire.
The projector puts off a clear picture. It is very versatile because we were able to view it on a white sheet that we tacked to the wall as well as directly on the wall. My husband was a speaker at a youth conference this summer and love that he could use this as part of his slide show presentation. He didn't get to use it this year but it could be an option next year. The device conveniently has a power adapter/charge to make this possible. The best news is that it has a 2 hour internal rechargeable battery! I love that 3M gave this projector a rechargeable battery! 

The sound was just fine for in the house. To make the sound project even more you can hook it up to external speakers which is probably needed for outdoors. The 3M Mobile Projector works with the iPad, iPhone and even the iPod Touch, Nano and Classic. Thank you 3M for making a wonderful product so compatible with our Apple devices! 

Because the device is so small, we needed to prop it up on some boxes to get the screen where we wanted it. This reminded me of the days when we would prop up the school projectors and slide show machines on school books! 3M added a tripod spot on the bottom of the projector! Win! Another reason why I love this little machine!
I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to own this projector. It is so versatile! Our family can see a lot of future uses with this fun piece of technology. How about you? Do you think that this is something your family would use?  

Stop over and check out 3M Mobile Projectors website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Watch for sales and coupons for this power packed piece of technology, too! 

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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