Happy National Lollipop Day, Suckers!

(Ok this is a cake pop but I prefer it over a lollipop!)

So are lollipops just for kids? What in the world is a lollipop? I don't think so because I have seen many adults with sticks of this sugary treat sticking out of their mouths! What is your favorite?
Here is a pinterest inspired Jolly Rancher Lollipop post.
So here are some "different" types of lollipops or suckers! Enjoy and go check them out!

Craft Lollipops- not edible but such a fun idea for kids. Great for party centerpieces, too!

Fairy Bite Pop- not a traditional lollipop but a yummy sweet on a stick treat.

Sophisticated Lollipop Party Favor- what a great way to dress up a lollipop for birthday parties and other events! Very classy!

DIY- Learn how to make these Pencil Topped Lollipops- love these! I would never have thought of making these.

So Sweet Birthday Card Lollipop- awwww! I want one!

Learn how to make colorful homemade Lollipops! Fun tutorial and I love how she planned her pops using the paint pallet. 

Photo Card Lollipops! So fun and great examples. Mz. Crafty.

Love this Dum Dum Craft- Learn how to make a Lollipop Tree. I've seen these with signs on them like "30 sucks" or "40 sucks" for birthday presents. I'm going to make one for my hubby who is turning 40 next month. I'll use his favorite lollipops. 

LOVE this Lollipop Wreath. You have to check out her link. You'll get a lot of fun ideas for a Candy Land Birthday Party! I wonder if I can do this for my twins who are about to turn 18! I think it would be a fun party! lol 

Last but not least! Moustache & Lip Lollipops. We love anything moustache and these are just plain cute!  My teen did some of these.

Thanks to my friend, Cheryl for reminding me about this song by The Chordettes!

SUPER BONUS Lollipop from my friends over at Kids Activities Blog

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