7 {family} Healthy Travel Tips

Are you still planning traveling events with your family this summer? We have several journeys before school starts (in less than a month.) One of the things I am doing this summer is to make sure we are healthy along the way. Out of the 5 of us, I'm the one most concerned and have decided to plan ahead so that I keep on my journey to healthy living

I haven't read the book yet but plan to get the bestselling book, “Dr. A’s Habits of Health,”by Dr. Wayne Andersen, Medical Director for Take Shape for Life (www.tsfl.com) to read along the way.

#1 Before you pack, be sure to ask the hotel if they have a gym or pool and bring appropriate clothes to get some exercise. (No excuses!) (I'm doing this! I exercise daily -remember I'm walking off my weight)

#2 Bring healthy snacks for the road / plane. Items like Medifast Crunch Bars are great options because they’re satisfying, portable and contain less sodium and calories than airplane snacks or fast food options. (I'm packing apples & popcorn for me!)

#3 Drink lots of water. Any sort of traveling is taxing on the body and you’ll want to keep hydrated. (I will and plan on getting ice whenever we stop because I can only drink icy cold water.)

#4 Remember that alcohol will let down your defenses and is full of empty calories and carbs! It is best to choose club soda or a diet drink with your meals. (I am not going to drink my calories. I do plan on having at least 1 drink at my brother-in-laws wedding...that is a given)

#5 Make healthy choices. Some days you may have to have both lunch and dinner out, so make the best of it and choose wisely. (We will eat out for all our trips. That is a given. I will pick healthy choices and plan on enjoying every bit of it.)

#6 Order a salad and appetizer for you main meal.  It will most likely be the proper portion. (I agree on this one. I always order my salad with dressing on the side. This way I feel good about adding a tiny bit when needed. I have found that the dressing covers off the fresh tasting veggies.)

#7 Remember to bring your journal to jot down both memories from the trip as well as what you ate to help you keep track of calories.  (I keep track of calories, exercise on the NOOM phone app. I plan on jotting down family memories and want to create a family Memory Jar.)

Hope you enjoyed those 7 tips. My plan is in red! What is your plan on staying healthy while you travel?

The article was provided by Dr. Wayne Andersen who is the Medical Director for Take Shape for Life Wellness program. He is board certified in internal medicine and specializes in weight management. Dr. Andersen graduated from University of Florida. Involved with Johns Hopkins in collaborating studies to show the efficacy of meal replacements, Dr. Andersen’s goal is to provide simple, convenient means for people to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As the chief architect of Take Shape for Life, Dr. Andersen has built an integrated support system that helps people make the necessary changes in their lifestyles to create optimal health.

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