Healthier Lifestyle Journey 90 Days

Ok well I can't believe I've stuck with my healthier lifestyle for 90 days. This is the longest positive change I have ever made. I have discovered a lot of things along the way.

To find out what I'm doing check Day 1 and Day 60.

*I can run! Ok so I only run in short burst but 90 days ago I don't even think that I would have ran if being chased by zombies (speaking of Zombies I'm getting a new zombie running app next week when I get my iPhone.)

*I can lift weights. I've just recently started the circuit training at my gym. I'm going to do it 3 times a week. There are 21 stations. The first time I could only do 5 or so reps. Yesterday I did 20 on each machine and then went back and did 20 more on a few of the machines. Did you know that muscle is heavier than fat. That is why the scale didn't budge for me way back in the beginning, I don't check the scale daily and muscle burns more calories. So you have to tear it down, build it up and it will boost your metabolism.

*Cheating hurts. Ok so here goes my metal game. When we cheat on a loved one, it hurts. It is disgusting. It is betrayal. No I haven't cheated on my spouse but  I cheated on myself. I was so excited to have lost #30 I went out and ate some things I have had no desire to eat since being on this journey. The food didn't taste good (ok the first bite did) and I felt sick afterward and I felt sick the next day. I was like an alcoholic who went on a one night drunk. Mentally and physically I was sick. I never ever want to feel that way again. I now know that I use to feel that way all the time. I never want to feel that way again. I will say that to myself and I will remind myself of this if I am tempted to go crazy and cheat on myself again.

* I can really feel the weight loss. A few people have noticed but guess what? It is my mental game and I do not care what anyone else notices. I don't need validation from anyone. It is my game. I have decided that if you really want to loose, you will. If you don't think you deserve better you will cheat.

*On to exercise. I talk to the gym owner and he is the one who told me to join everything and do everything in the gym. I'm too uncoordinated to do Zumba so I bought a fat burning CD and do it every now and again at home.

*I have added in the circuit training and use the elliptical machine. I still do use the treadmill. I now rotate machines, training, etc to give me a variety. I go to the gym at least 6 days a week. I have to go. Mentally I need to go. It helps me be a better wife, mom and person. I like it.

*Now I use Noom. Check out the application. It helps me keep track of how many calories I'm burning and to make sure I"m eating enough. You have to eat to loose. I eat healthy, I choose healthier options. Not because I have to but because I want to.

*My next goal is to actually attend a Zumba class. I'll report back!
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