Top 5 Tips to Get Your Child to Read

From the beginning we started reading to our girls. They have always loved being read to, especially by their dad. They are all teens and love to read or to read to others. Reading at a young age creates life long readers. Do you read to your kids? What are some of your favorite stories? 

Reading ideas
Read with your children

Top 5 to get your child to read (and create lifetime readers)

1) Set a time each evening to read together.

2) Go to the library or bookstore and pick out a book to read together.

3) As the parent you can set an example of what a reader is by letting your children see you read.

4) Help your child pick out books in the subjects that they like.

5) As questions about what was just read.  Kids love positive interaction.

Do you have and reading tips?

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  1. Another idea..take turns reading..I read a page, you read a page. My kinder kids love this during small group time. Modeling is so very important.

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  3. These are great tips! We also keep books in almost every room of the house, and we make sure our son sees us reading too. Pinned this to my literacy board. :)

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