Young Adult Fiction- how to know what to read?

I'm all for Young Adult Fiction. As a 40 something adult, I do enjoy a lot of YA work. As a parent of 3 teens I find it my responsibility to know and even read what they are reading. They can read any book they want just as long as I know what it is. If I'm not familiar with the book then I will either read it or google search the book. This is our parenting policy and it applies to their music, friends on facebook, texting, hanging out,etc. Am I a controlling freak of a mom? Absolutely, NOT! LOL What I am though, is a concerned parent who wants to protect her children and help guide them through these teen years just as I did when they were in the newborn stage, toddler stage, etc.
Have you heard about the Teens Read and Write website? So who is behind Teens Read and Write?? It is a site where teens review books, movies, sports, and stuff they love! So go check them out for more teen resources.

What are your teens reading? Do you check up on what your kids are reading? Do you ever tell them, "No." to a book they want to read because everyone is reading it? 
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