Summer Family Road Trip ideas

Do you have all your summer plans already? If not I have a few suggestions for you. I know that we all are so busy but crave a small break from our daily routines. Most people do not have it in their budget to spend a lot of extra money in the summer. Here are a few of my ideas to help you get a needed break away from the house for a day or two. 

Do the 2 hour radius check-

1) Go museum touring- check the 2 hour radius around your town and you will find more than you even thought were there. Plan out your trip around these places. 
2) Check that 2 hour radius for all the local fairs and carnivals. Plan to go to these events. My family loves Renaissance Festivals and Fairs. Some of these type of events are free. Bring picnic lunches to keep the food cost down. Do splurge a little so you don't have to go home and cook. mall towns know how to a do the fair!  One of the fairs we found had a pie eating and hula hoop contest!  How fun! Check out The Weather Channel for a great search tool that they offer to help you find one! I love this one because they offer the expected weather of where you are going! Check out County Fairs and Festivals link, too! 

3) Check for local sporting events. Don't limit yourself to one sport. Did you know that your town has local sports teams? If you kids are in these events, head out and cheer on the kids. Check around for AAA Baseball teams, swim teams, etc. Take a picnic lunch and go enjoy a new sport.
4) Visit the old folks-Take the kids on a road trip to visit an older relative! This can be Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousin, etc.  Old folks love it when the young come and visit! Make a day trip out of it.  Take them all out to dinner. Good times for all! Don't forget your camera on this vacation trip! You will want to follow up on the person you visited.  Best thing to do is send them snap shots of your time together!

So what are you going to do this summer? I'd really love to know what fun things you have planned. We are headed out East as an entire family for a wedding. It will be a lot of driving and bonding time with the teens! (oh brother!!)

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  1. We haven't been to the Ohio Renaissance Festival in years! Every year we say we are going to go and then we never get around to it. Maybe this year :)

    We visit a lot of state parks during the summer as we love to hike. My husband switched jobs 3 months ago so he doesn't have much vacation time built up yet. So we are doing a lot of day trips - visiting the zoo, museums, etc.


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