4th of July Tips on Food Safety

How many of you are gong to be grilling and going on picnics during the 4th of July weekend? It is a common family event and holiday which will include food and drinks. All this food increases incidents of food poisoning. Don't get it! Here the tips and the photo is a cool visual.

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George Washington says…CLEAN
John Adams says…SEPARATE
Thomas Jefferson says…COOK
Benjamin Franklin says…CHILL

As the 4th of July approaches, cases of foodborne illnesses are surging in the summer season. Key stats:
  • Incidents of food poisoning surge over the summer months because bacteria multiply faster when it’s warm
  • Americans spend $400 million on beef alone for July 4th barbeques
  • USDA research shows that 1 out of every 4 hamburgers turns brown before it has reached a safe internal temperature!
  • New FDA research done in collaboration with USDA shows that only 23% of Americans who own a food thermometer actually use it when grilling hamburgers
  • 48 million Americans (at least 1 in 6) will get sick from foodborne illness this year, resulting in roughly 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths
How can families avoid these serious public health threats during the July 4th holiday and summer months when they are at most risk? Just listen to the Founding Fathers.

For more tips, go to and check out our ‘Ask Karen’ app, available in English ( and Spanish (, to get access to more than 1,300 answers to food safety questions.

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  1. Very helpful - thanks! I'll be looking around your site for some good recipes too!



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