Healthier Lifestyle Journey 60 Days

Ok so 60 days later and I'm still playing the mental game of life. What is this you ask? Check out my Day 1 post. I wanted to walk off my weight. Guess what? I've lost #20 in 60 days. I like where I am today but I'm ready to move on.

I started my journey by healthy walking. I wanted to walk 3 times a week. Well folks I easily walk 6 days a week. So basically that is 6 days walking, off 1 day. I have taken 2 days off (not in a row) a few times do to schedule issues but for the most part I am at the gym every day.

When I first started walking I could barely go 4 minutes and around the track 2 times. To put the track in perspective... 18 times around is 1 mile. I could only go 2 times around and need to stop. I had absolutely no endurance. So I played a mental game. Encouraging myself to go more every time I walked. Walk another lap, go one more minute, etc. I just had to keep going.

I have kept records of most of my walking. I would look at it and vow to move more every time I went to the gym. I wanted to also get to 10,000 steps. That is a far cry from barely getting 300 steps around the house.

Here are some of my records over the past 60 days.

April 16, 2012 Steps 1178 Time 10 minutes (with a lot of stops) .45 mile
April 30, 2012 Steps 2182 Time 18 minutes     1.03 miles
May 1, 2012    Steps 3467 Time 30 minutes      1.64 miles (started Treadmill)
May 8, 2012    Steps 4036 Time 34 minutes      1.91 miles
May 18, 2012  Steps 4684 Time 41 minutes      2.22 miles
May 19, 2012 Steps 6291 Time 56 minutes       2.98 miles
May 22, 2012 Steps 9032 Time 1hr 14minutes 4.28 miles (went twice to gym)
June 6, 2012 Steps 7382 Time 1 hr 4 minutes 3.58 miles
June 12, 2012 Steps 8901 Time 1 hr 17 min 4. 21 miles (went twice)
June 18, 2012 Steps 10,552 Time 1 hr 23 minutes 5 miles (went twice) *MADE 10,000 step goal

Ok so for me I had to keep track of my steps because I wanted to get to 10,000. I was extremely thrilled to get there. Little goals keep me going.

I've learned to not check my weight daily. I do it once a week. It took 2 weeks before the scale showed a loss. In those 2 weeks I was felling better and was loosing inches. I'm not measuring them. I don't care to know. I'm going on how I am feeling.

I started off cutting down my food in half and making sure that I eat at least 3 meals a day. I'm trying to say away from all bad carbs with occasional splurges. No soda of any kind, drinking water and eating fruits, vegetables and yogurt. I eat more protein and choose healthier options when eating out.

I feel good. I'm ready to keep on going. I'm on the mental game and not stopping.

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