10 Teen Budget Fashion Tips

I'm a mom with 3 teen girls. YES, 3 teen girls. Here are some of our tips that allow my teens to be fashionable on a budget especially at back to school time! 

1) Swap- Teens are great at swapping with friends! Need a prom dress? Ask an older classmate to let you wear one of her older dresses! Need prom shoes? Ask another friend! One of my girls did this just this year. They were also given dresses from a few older teens.

2) Consignment shops- These stores are great places to list your nice items for sale.  Once you make money use that money to buy clothes from that store. You often get a better return for your money if you do it this way!

3) Clearance Rack- You must always shop the clearance rack. I look at the sale rack at every store I go to.  My teens look, too! I will almost always buy something that they find on the clearance rack.  Always think ahead on what events are coming up when you shop.

4) Yard Sales- Jeans, jeans and more jeans! Teens=Jeans.  Yard sales are the best places to pick up jeans.  Make sure your friends know what sizes you are looking for and vice versa. When you see something in a friend's size call them! Give them heads up on where to go!
5) Payless Shoes- You must sign up for payless shoes phone coupon text. I get 1-2 messages a month for special sale offers like discounts and BOGO.  Teens love shoes and their feet are growing fast! I will always shop BOGO and discounts.

6) Outlet shopping- Name brand clothes to fit your budget! E'nuf said! 

7) Online shopping- Teens know to get online and compare prices! It only takes a few minutes to search around for best prices.  
8) Online coupons and codes- Did you know that you can get store sale codes to order online?  Check out a few that I use: Coupon Cabin and RetailMeNot . Don't forget to nab the coupons for beauty supplies, too! Make up and nail polish are a must for fashionable teens!

9) Mailing list- Get on the mailing list at the stores you shop. Do postal mail and email newsletters. Get catalogs, too! I love getting catalogs in the mail. They almost always carry a coupon or monthly special.

10) Accessories- It is all about the accessories! Sunglasses, rings, necklaces, ribbons, lace, earrings, bracelets, etc.  Swap out with friends and add on layers! This changes the look of any outfit!

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  1. great tips! My daughters were queens of the swap idea. My youngest went to prom this year in a borrowed dress, shoes, jewelry, did her own hair and nails, looked fantastic and saved a bundle. I know one girl who spent $500 just on her dress! (ridiculous!!)

  2. Useful information,i am very fascinating about online shopping.....keep posting us..


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