Top Ten Money Saving Back to School Tips

Did you know that the average money spent per child on Back to School shopping is $600.That is insane! I don't think that I can recall spending $600 total for all 3 of my girls and that included the required uniforms for school.  

1) Make a shopping list based on what is required for school supplies.
2)Shop year round for school clothes. Don't wait the week before and expect to get the best deals.
3) Shop the sale ads before you hit the stores.
4) Do an inventory at home and see what you have before you shop!
5) Shop online! Price compare online vs. local stores.
6) Going clothes and shoe shopping? Before you leave check out the stores online. You might be able to snag discount printable coupons!
7) Check kids magazines for sale adds and coupons! Someone told me that Seventeen had a Payless discount phone code!
8) Shop your State or a neighboring State when they are offering tax-free school supplies!
9) Get a job at your child's favorite store so you can get discounts on their clothes.
10) HOMESCHOOL! Yep you heard that right! This has been the BIGGEST money saver for our family! (YES we still pay taxes to our school district.) Our kids all share a boxes of crayons and markers that we've had around the house for years! We don't buy new scissors ever year! We don't buy everyone new clothes a week before school starts! We buy as we want! That saves a lot of cash!

Do you have Back To School Money Saving tips? I'd love to hear them! Better yet, if you blog you can make your own Top 10. If you do come back and leave your link so that I can read it!!

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  1. Good suggestions! Thanks.

    My daughter is leaving home for college and I stumbled onto another idea for saving money. I got her a prepaid cellphone so we can stay in touch for less. This is the one I got, fyi:


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